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Premium SEO based on AI and Machine Learning. We aim to be a technological leader.
Surpassing competitors in this crowded online world is quite a challenging endeavor. Regardless of the quality of your website, if it doesn’t provide enough targeted traffic - it is essentially worthless. Therefore, anyone who has put some effort into building a website should focus on two main issues - increasing traffic and maximizing business potential.

We will help you utilize the potential of your business

Greater Traffic

Technical SEO that is not written about on blogs. Guaranteed increased traffic from Google.

Higher Sales

Difficult phrases are just challenges. Enjoy increased sales every year.

Greater Visibility

Through Machine Learning, customers will find your offer on hundreds of new phrases.

219% increase in revenue

Many structural issues, site speed problems, and duplication. The client is constantly attacked by competitors (both on-site injections and off-site spam), requiring systematic detox of the link profile. Achieving and maintaining top positions in a competitive market. Stabilized situation and continuous increase in visibility on Google.

163% increase in revenue

Crawling issues, structural duplications, numerous technical errors from canonical addresses to redirect chains, mixed content, bad references to iai, duplication outside the site. Widespread cannibalization within the site. Brand toxicity.

172% increase in traffic

A site with dozens of technical issues. From indexing problems to crawling. Numerous structural errors not only hindered crawling but also caused duplication within the service. Issues with canonical addresses, JavaScript, redirect chains, structural duplication. The site was duplicated on external pages.

More than Just SEO

We love facing every new challenge and take the success of each of our clients very personally.

in-house SEO

We are at your disposal.

The Best or Nothing

In Search SEO agency prides itself on an approach focused solely on the best solutions.

King's service

We steer clear of prehistoric SEO focused on building questionable quality networks, spamming forums, or using pseudo-SEO directories.

Technical advantage

We create carefully crafted strategies and tactics that increase your company’s exposure in Poland - or even worldwide, depending on the target market.

Years of Experience

Over the years, we have managed to gather a rich portfolio of satisfied clients who appreciate our unique SEO services.
We provide services designed to make your website


Why is SEO so important for your business?

More than 80% of people search for information online before purchasing a product or service. It’s evident that online marketing is the most important form of advertising.

Do you know that when customers decide to purchase goods, up to 60% of such purchases are made online?

You need to know that over 75% of internet users searching for a specific service will not go beyond the first page of the search engine. If your company is on the second page of Google, you are almost entirely losing potential customers.
In Search online marketing agency emphasizes the continuous education of our marketing team to stay updated with current industry trends and upcoming changes. We use only the highest quality tools and resources to provide all our clients with unparalleled SEO services.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we frown upon unethical methods and rely solely on whitehat and inhouse greyhat techniques. Although changes won’t happen overnight, this approach ensures protection from penalties and actually delivers long-term results.

We understand that one size does not fit all, and we do not have predefined packages - we invest a lot of time and effort into designing a tailored strategy customized to individual requirements, goals, and budget.

We do not bind you with any long-term contracts with loopholes - we prefer indefinite contracts with a one-month notice period. We believe in long-term cooperation based on mutual benefits.
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